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The UK’s leading retail sales benchmark

The BRC-KPMG Benchmark platform is the UK’s leading retail sales benchmarking tool, offering weekly views across 20 categories. This portal allows participants to submit and analyse their sales performance against their peers as part of the BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor (RSM).

Image Description Representative

The service captures over 60% of the market by turnover, the retailers in our sample generate £230bn in sales processed on an annual basis. Our contributors represent all of retail and are of shapes, sizes and operating models.

Image Description Robust

This is not a survey; our participants submit pound sterling values each week, with consistent participation. We do not estimate or seasonally adjust, with over 15 validation checks performed on each data point.

Granular Granular

We report on 20 categories across food and non-food and are able to split these by channel (online & physical stores) for many categories.

Timely Timely

Results for the previous week available by mid-day every Tuesday, each month’s results available two days after the month end.

Image Description Easy Setup

Any BRC member can join the BRC-KPMG Benchmark service. Set-up is incredibly straightforward and takes just a few days on average.

Image Description Thorough validation

All data collected has 15 automatic and several manual processes to ensure input accuracy against historic subsmissions and general market movement

Image Description Complete anonymity

All sales data is aggregated via automated process on KPMG’s secure servers. No identifiable performance data is shared or visible by the BRC.

Image Description Rigorous security

The platform is compliant with industry standards and has been designed to keep your data safe. Key security features include physical separation, extensive penetration testing and row level security within the databases.

Image Description Since 1995…

The BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor has been running since 1995, valued and utilised by many of our members since then and providing an unparalleled historical series across most of our categories.

Image Description Trusted

As a trade body for retail, the BRC’s objectives are aligned to that of the industry, we only ever use aggregate retail data to improve outcomes for our members.

Image Description Continuous improvement

The data science team at KPMG and analysts at the BRC are continuously receiving and acting on feedback from members to improve the service, and open new categories or views.

Image Description Supported by KPMG

The BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor is run in collaboration with KPMG’s retail data science team, participation grants access to this team’s wealth of knowledge and exclusive BRC-KPMG analytics events.

Image Description Weather

We have partnered with the Met office to allow contributors to blend their sales data and benchmarks with temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours totals.

Image Description Channel visitation

The precursor to channel sales, we are exploring options to offer the ability to blend datasets such as footfall and web visits against sales performance.

Image Description Advanced segmentation

Improved data structures will allow for additional category views. One example of this would be segmenting fashion sales by point, luxury, premium, value, and more.

Advanced retail sales analysis at your fingertips

Utilising the data visualisation skills of KPMG’s data science team and direct feedback from our membership, Benchmark participants are able to measure market share, relative performance within their category group and much more.

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